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Shitty Horror celebrates all that is weird and wonderful in the horror film genre - you know those horror films that are 'so bad they're good'? The B-movie beauties that scrape the bottom of the barrel and come up with a salmon in each pocket?

We're bursting with choice cuts of rancid horror meat including genre classics and some oddities that you might not have heard of or considered watching before. Or perhaps you have considered watching and we can save you a couple of hours of your life to do something less boring instead ("whyyyyyy don't you?..." - anyone?)

We also tip our hat in the general direction of the fine and somewhat upstanding, low budget, independent filmmakers that put together some fine horror films on a shoestring budget. Without you guys Hollywood would only have Asian films to copy. We salute you!

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Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 AD
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Rasputin The Mad Monk
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The Mummy’s Shroud

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Trailer Park of Terror

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Suzanne Snyder
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Moneca Delain

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Leslie Bibb

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