Best ever movie spoilers of the century, carefully select by the movie staff here at for the best horror movies ever.

The Exorcist (1973)
Travelling all the way back to the origins of horror movies, The Exorcist was known as one of the most the exorcistformidable horror movies of the decade. The protagonist is a young girl (Regan) who discovers an old Ouija board and starts interacting with spirits. It’s all fun and games until she is possessed by one of the spirits, who claims to be Satan himself.
Spoiler 1: The demon whom possesses Regan isn’t actually Satan. It consists of Pazuzu, an ancient demon that was related to another possession case years before and successfully exorcised by father Merrin.
Spoiler 2:During the early stages of possession a celebration is held at Regan’s house, to which multiple friends of her mother had attended. Regan unexpectedly joined the celebration- pointing at one of the guests who is an astronaut and saying “You’ll die in space”, and proceeds to pee on herself.
Spoiler 3:Regan’s mother is leaving at night and asks her friend Burke to look out for Regan and finds him dead on the street just below Regan’s bedroom window, with his head inverted a whole 180 degrees. It’s later known that he was killed by Regan while being possessed.

The Sixth Sense (1999)
This late 90’s classic consists of a boy, Cole Sear, who has the gift of seeing ghosts. However, it starts to become rather a nightmare when he gets frequent visits by molested spirits. Afraid that people won’t believe him, he informs no one about this ability, except his doctor Malcolm who assists him in finding answers.sixth sense poster movie
Spoiler 1:During the beginning of the film, Malcolm is shot by a former patient of his because he had “failed to assist him during his childhood”. Prior to recovery, he starts the Cole Sear case, but Malcolm doesn’t know he is actually dead and he never recovered from the shot. He is able to communicate only to Cole, because of Cole’s ability.
Spoiler 2:One of the spirits who visit Cole is a little girl. She manifests herself to Cole during her funeral, and leads him to a video tape. In the video tape filmed by a hidden camera is the real death cause of the little girl; her mom had poisoned her food just to gain sympathy from her relatives and friends. By publicly exposing to tape, Cole prevents the woman’s younger daughter to face the same fate.


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Insidious (2010)
Insidious shows the story of the Lambert family, composed by Josh and Renai (the parents), and 3 children. One of the children, Dalton, decides to take a peek at the attic but slips off the stairs in the process falling head first into a comma. When checked in the hospital, doctors can’t detect anything wrong with Dalton, insidiousand tell the family he’s good to go.
Spoiler 1:Dalton never fell into a comma; he has the ability to travel to the spiritual world. Unknowing the risks and consequences of accessing the spirit, Dalton explores and is captured by a demon- being unable to return to the physical world. His father, who has the same ability, goes into the spirit world to rescue him.
Spoiler 2:Josh experienced a similar issue in the past; he went into the spirit world and something came back with him. During his attempt to save Dalton from the spirit that keeps him captive, Jack encounters the entity that had haunted him during his childhood. After retrieving Dalton and successfully reaching his body to enter the physical world, Jack realizes he wasn’t the first one to reach his body and unwillingly murders the ritual assistant.

The Conjuring 2 (2016)
The Warren, Ed & Lorraine, are expert paranormal researchers acknowledged by the Holy Church. They are requested to assist a case of paranormal activity in Enfield. The movie reassembles the events of the real life case attended by the Warren: The Enfield Poltergeist.
Spoiler 1:Janet, the possessed girl of the case, is initially molested by the spirit of an old man who died on the chair where he manifests himself. The man claims the house belongs to him, and Janet. However, he’s not the real spirit behind the possession- he’s just a vessel used by a much more powerful ancient demonic the conjuring 2 movie spoilerentity: Valak, The President of Hell.
Spoiler 2:Scientific researchers, who claimed the Warren cases to be complete hoaxes, assisted the Enfield case and used hidden cameras with which they filmed Janet performing clear actions to fake her possession. However, Janet was aware of these cameras; in fact, those cameras are the reason why she performed such actions- she wanted the Warren to abandon the case. Valak had threatened her with killing her family and the Warren if they remained in the house any longer. Ed realizes this shortly after leaving, and goes back just in time to save her.