This sci-fi movie from the director Luke Scott and starring Kate Mara, Anya Taylor-Joy, Rose Leslie, Boyd Holbrook, Michelle Yeoh and Paul Giamatti (full cast@imdb), is a movie that comes with high hopes but doesn’t deliver the expected quality, however, it entertains the necessary in order to be a passable movie, but not even good.

Morgan gets high hopes because of Ridley Scott being in the production of this science fiction movie about a pioneer experience in the A.I, with a great cast in which we can encounter some famous faces like Rose Leslie (Game Of Thrones), Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch) and Boyd Holbrook with the experience of a wonderful actor like Paul Giamatti. This experience was very promising, with Jennifer Jason Leigh with a minimum role which wasn’t so bad for her but could’ve been a lot better.

Luke Scott director of Morgan The Movie

The movie is about an experiment of long range from an enterprise in which a baby has been experimented on to create a superior artificial intelligence, something that looks great and sounds awesome but doesn’t really deliver what it was intended. Morgan (Anya Taylor-Joy) is the main character, the woman who develops a superior A.I, who does a great job at acting, but not enough.
Some nanotechnology particles are implanted into the neurons of Morgan to speed up the process of physical and intellectual growth, but, on the contrary, the emotional part hasn’t had time to develop generating a violent reaction to frustration. So, Lee Weathers (Kate Mara) is sent to the laboratory in which Morgan is secluded at, to see what can be done with her, if a cancellation of the whole experiment is the best option, or to keep experimenting to test her limits.

Morgan, Artificial but Not That IntelligentA picture of Morgan

Morgan is by far the most interesting feature of the movie, of course. However, just when the first act of the movie ends, we can see how the rest of the movie starts to get out of ideas and adventures itself into difficult spaces. Even when we clearly see that Morgan is a woman, there is an overly tedious intention to make her be seen as a “being” with no genre.

Just like the movie Ex Machina, where the main character, the overly intelligent robot speaks openly about sexuality as a fundamental part of every personality and artificial intelligence, to have the first step into every first meeting with a person. Well, in Morgan, there is a plan to dehumanize the whole character, there is no plan, no function, it is just a character who wants to kill and act violently without any reason. This doesn’t leave any space to connect with the character and thus, seems a little off sometimes, making it a little boring or just tedious to see.

When It Turns to Action

Even when Morgan starts out as a science fiction reflexive movie, it eventually turns out to be a total action flick without any deepness or important plot far from just being packed with a lot of action. So, we end up having a kind of Terminator trying to kill everyone without leaving the audience with a connection or just the slightest interest in the main character, throwing to the garbage all that mystery that was created in the first act.
The debuting Luke Scott did a good job at managing actors, even when the majority are professionals and experienced. Everyone does his job perfectly, with no difficulties in their respective roles, but the script from Seth W. Owen fails in being adequate and limits itself by being so confusing and lets no path to success.

Morgan (2016) – Trailer

The Details

In other features of the movie, there’s not much to save, the soundtrack is interesting enough, but doesn’t make a great impact so to say. The production design is impeccable, and the direction of photography does a good job with the first act by adding some mystery and suspense to the whole movie.

However, there are certain details that would leave anyone being disappointed. If Morgan was a totally biologic being, how could she learn to fight like a total gangster without even training anything or does she just have superpowers?

Let’s just say that this movie is great to see on a boring Sunday, here you have, the perfect movie to get away from boredom a little. Yes, it doesn’t deliver more than that, something a little disappointing for science fiction fans who just want to talk about it but won’t be able to because the movie just ends up being an action-packed movie with nothing important to deliver.