The Phantasm sequels have been known horror films since the late 70’s. After 37 years from the original film and 3 additional movies, the final piece finally reached theaters. Ravager starts in a similar scenario where the previous movie Oblivion finished 17 years ago.The movie starts with Reggie, who’s interpreted by our beloved Robin for the last time, traveling between numerous dimensions quite often. In fact, he practically forgot the reason behind his continuous dimension-hopping; finding his substitute son, whom he swore to guard since Reggie’s son, Jody, was presumed dead long ago.

Reggie then wakes up at a hospital with his lower body paralyzed and Mike looking out for him, at which point he realizes his dimension roaming adventure seeking the Tall Man for revenge doesn’t exist, and that he’s becoming crazy. What happened during the last 20 years, was it one of Reggie’s illusions? Believing he’s still in a lost war against the ghost of dimensions, he retakes his glorious days along with the gun we’ve all dreamed of, his multi-barreled shotgun. However, he’s interrupted by The Tall Man, who tells him that his efforts are useless, as The Tall Man had won the wars against the human race.

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The Tall Man’s words make Reggie open his eyes to the painful truth; the humans had lost the war because of viral attack that infested the whole world and banished complete nations, leaving only a few of his kind to fight the empire of The Tall Man. Reggie has no other option but to embrace the cruel truth, so he decides to serve his kind in what’s left of the war. So Reggie packs up his team of long-life partners, who are willing to fight by his side to save humanity. His son Jody along with Mike and Rocky are ready to give The Tall Man everything they’ve got.

Phantasm Ravager (2016) – Scarier of All Phantasm Sequels

Ravager can be easily considered as the brightest of all the sequels. Lots of deception, action, and nostalgia are transmitted through this movie; Phantasm lovers have been waiting the movie for long- and looks like patience has phantasm movie posterpaid off generously. Ravager goes off the rails of traditional Phantom sequels, proving the potential behind this movie and placing it among the best of the series. The originality of this film allows audiences new to the Phantasm world to be able to enjoy the movie. Despite featuring critical events from the past sequels, the movie can still fit first time watchers into the world of dimension traveling; modern cinematic effects along with the story of Phantom movies just can’t be under-looked.

There’s a lot of controversy around the style chosen for Ravager, some consider that going so far off the original films was a critic hit for the protagonists- causing considerable concerns. However, the outcome of Ravager was outstanding even though the director appeared indecisive about taking the risk during the previous sequels, where he stuck to the main film. This year, David Hartman decided to mix things up a bit- and he came prepared to succeed.

On a ‘Tight Budget’

Despite being a total success, this wasn’t an easy task. All these changes came out expensive, leaving the project with a considerably tight budget, and this can be noticed in certain parts of the movie. Regardless, Ravager was exactly what you were promised 17 years ago. This masterpiece was definitely a proof of the hard effort put into it by the whole crew; and these efforts can be noticed throughout the whole movie. Ravager is what we call a job well done, and the directors, crew members and actors deserve all the credit for it.

For 35+ years of sequels, we’ve got to see each of the characters (and their respective actors) grow older and wiser. This year, the Phantom series have concluded in an emotional and epic manner. There’s no better way to close such a beloved sequel than a decades-long war of galaxies and dimensions against interloper races in distorted realities to decide the destiny of the human race.

Critics Words on Fifth Phantasm Ravager (2016)

Phantom: Ravager didn’t receive many positive reviews by critiques and magazines. RottenTomato gave this movie a harsh 45% review, stating that it could have been a much better project; but it was handled in a clumsy matter. It’s definitely a must-watch for old-school fans, as it’s probably the most important chapter in the series. However, it might disappoint new audiences expecting an intense action film of massive inter-galactic destruction and dimension-warping action, according to the review.

However, the LA Times provided a more approving feedback. According to their review, you don’t necessarily need to be a fan of the previous sequels in order to enjoy Ravager. The movie provides a pretty complete summary of the overall events and an active plot with inter-dimensional persecutions, quests to unknown civilizations, decades of war between many races and a fulfilling acting by the protagonists.

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We personally believe the Phantasm Ravager movie is suitable for all kinds of audiences: It provides old-school fans the so-desired conclusion they’ve been patiently waiting for during the last 17 years- and looks like it was worth the while. For those newbies who are joining the Phantom world in 2016, the movie doesn’t have as much to offer plot-wise, but it’s definitely an interesting alternative to your average horror movie. For those action lovers who are just looking for dimensional traveling, massive destruction and annihilation of entire species, and hot women shooting big guns, this film has a lot to offer.

Some may find the film partially slow, but the movie covers every aspect of the last chapter before closing the series, making sure there are no unanswered questions for those who have been around since the original film. But once again, it’s worth the while to lay eyes on the so awaited battle between the Tall Man’s empire and the human resistances. Tanks, soldiers, battle aircraft and huge silver spheres with considerable destruction potential (did we mention hot chicks and a bad-ass multi-barreled shotgun already?), it doesn’t get much better than that.

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