The horror film category came to life in 1896, and since then it has become one of the most popular and demanded movie category. In the present, the horror film industry is not considered to be one of the most popular; these movies have varied significantly in quality. We’ve seen some amazing no-sleepers released during the last decade, as well as we’ve seen some really boring, awkward and predictable ones. In this article we’ll take you back to the golden era of the horror film industry: the late 20th century.

Many believe the 1980’s to be the prime of scary movies. Back then, this category was amongst the most demanded and popular of the cinema world. Those who were lucky enough to presence the best days of horror films got to see the origins of the masterminds behind terror movies, such as Stanley Kubric, Denny Harris, John Carpenter, and William Friedkin.

The directors of those times are considered to be the ones who shined brighter, with movies that prevented the audience from sleeping properly during that week. In this article, we’ll present you the best horror movie of the 80-90’s.

The Shining (1980) Full Movie Free Online – Intro

After much hesitation, we considered the 1980’s masterpiece brought to us by Stanley Kubric to be the best horror film of the 80-90’s.


The protagonist, Jack, is in his search for a job and decides to try his luck as a winter warden at a hotel surrounded by mountains located 40km away from the nearest settlement. After successfully obtaining the job, Jack takes advantage of the loneliness in the hotel to do some recreational writing. What he doesn’t know, however, is that the structure was built on top of an ancient native entombment zone. When winter arrives, the snow blizzards take on the the shining full movie onlinehotel; leaving it out of service for 6 months.

The hotel manager, who had seen the situation happen before, notifies Jack about and incident regarding the last warden, Charles Grady. During a similar winter, the hotel was completely sealed by snow, leaving Charles locked in with his family. During this time, he suffers of claustrophobia and takes his life- along with his family.

In the meantime in Colorado, Danny (Jack’s son) has a frightening hunch regarding the hotel. During a dream, he perceives the hotel elevators dripping significant amounts of blood. Jack’s wife, Wendy, visits a psychologist and informs her about Danny’s fictional buddy (Tony). She also tells her about Jack’s former alcohol problems that led him to injuring Danny during a rampage.

During the last working day of the hotel, Wendy and Danny arrive at the installations. They’re taken around the hotel to familiarize them with it, in which time they meet the hotel’s cook, Dick. The cook communicates with Danny through their minds to ask him if he wants dessert, and explains him that certain members of his family have the same ability- which he refers to as “shining”.

Strange “Shining” in the Hotel

Danny questions the cook about the hotel, and about a specific room (237). Dick tells him there’s “shining” in the hotel, where loads of memories are stored. He then tells Danny that some of these memories aren’t positive ones, and warns him to avoid that apartment.

30 days into the blizzard, Jack still hasn’t progressed with his writing and his family has been walking around the hotel’s facilities. Meanwhile, Dick goes on a trip to outside the state. Jack’s wife finds the communication methods to be very limited because of the blizzard, while Danny proceeds to have frightening dreams about the hotel.

As time passes, Jack is constantly upset and stressed, becoming increasingly angrier and with an unnatural attitude followed by violent rampages. Danny, who is exploring the hotel, finds himself near the apartment 237 and notices the door to be unlocked. Jack then has a dream in which he murdered his family, and is woken by his wife after screaming asleep. After waking up, he tells Wendy about his dream.

the shining movie

The Strange Marks on Danny’s Body

Danny then appears with marks on his body and in a state of shock, leading Wendy to suspect about Jack hurting his son once again. During a walk around the hotel, Jack finds a mysterious bartender. The bartender offers him a drink, saying his name is Lloyd. Jack accepts the drink and starts grumping about Wendy.

After the shock state passed, Danny explained to his mother that a “wild lady inside the room tried to choke him”. Wendy informs Jack about this, and Jack decides to check up on the room. After checking the room, Jack says there’s only the spirit of a passed lady, and he starts to argue about his wife about Danny’s safety within the hotel. The arguing gets rougher and Jack starts to get very angry- at which point he leaves to the bartender again.

Once there, he notices the room is now full of spirits preparing some kind of rally. One of the spirits, Grady, talks to Jack and says he has to “straighten up” his family, and that his had been communicating with the cook through the“shining”. In the meantime, Dick decides to travel back to the hotel worried about Danny’s words.

Wendy then starts looking for Jack, and finds out Jack has only been writing the same phrase over and over again: “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Wendy then supplicates him to abandon the facilities with their son, but Jack lurks her and she hits hit with a bat in the head, leaving him out cold and locking him up!

Jack is then unlocked by one of the ghosts, and starts looking for them. After finding them in one of the spaces, Jack attempts to breach the room with an axe to kill his family. Wendy then sets off Danny to escape, but she isn’t able to do so as well. At this time, Dick arrives at the hotel and Jack goes for him.

Wendy takes advantage of this to start looking for their son. While desperately running around the facilities, she notices the blood dripping off the elevator, just like Danny said during his dream. Wendy then keeps running until she finds the cook’s corpse in the main room.

While escaping, Danny sets up Jack with a fake trace to prevent Jack from finding him. He then meets Wendy in the hotel and they both manage to escape the facilities in the cook’s vehicle while Jack is left trapped in the hotel.

Best Horror Film of the 80s – The Shining

We consider The Shining to be the opening movie to the brightest times of horror film. Many think of the 80s decade as the peak point of this industry, seeing as it started to decay notably after the 90s, which are said to be the worst years.

With such a strong cast, featuring the legend Jack Nicholson, and a plot full of terror, suspense and breath-taking twists, this movie is exactly what it comes to our minds when someone asks us what the best horror movie we’ve seen is.

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