Little is left before the release of the 9th series of the 8 season of the The Walking Dead series, and the release date and the brief description of the latest episodes of the season appeared on the network. Without Taboo offers readers who are not afraid of spoilers, get acquainted with what awaits the characters.

New Episodes of The Walking Dead 8th Season Date

The new 9 episode 8 of the Walking Dead season comes out on February 25, but before that the creators extended the series to season 9, and named the release date, and also hinted at the plot of the second half of the 8th season.

So, in the 9 series 8 of the Walking Dead season, Rick Grimes faces new unexpected difficulties after the battle, the struggle with the Saviors continues in other communities, and the main characters of the series face difficult decisions.

The 10-16 Episode of the 8th season TWD Synopsis

In the 10 series of the 8th season, the groups once again join forces and get together for action on Hilltop. While Simon tries to ‘take matters in his hands’ it affects over the effort of Aaron and Enid who, at the meeting are looking for allies.

In episode 11, Daryl will suddenly find himself in a “bad company” when his group leaves for Hilltop. At this time, Maggie on Hilltop will make tough decisions that will affect her and society, and the faith of her father Gabriel, who was in the hands of Nigan and the Savior, is going through a serious test.

scene from TWD season 8

In the 12th episode at Hilltop talks, on of the most hardcore dilemmas will surface after the arrival of unexpected visitors, and Rick Grimes again meets face to face with his immutable enemy.

In the 13th episode, there are problems related to uninvited guests of Hilltop, which force communities to urgently take action. In addition, not without the participation of “guests” the main characters made heartbreaking discoveries.

Bonus: Where to Watch TWD Season 8 Online?

The Walking Dead on-line Season 8 is available on the TV channel AMC. This means you can watch through any cable operator that has this popular channel or hire a live AMC version through the AMC app or any other stream operator. – Filmblather

In episode 14 of the Walking Dead, a prisoner at Heaps makes an unexpected discovery for everyone. At this time, Carol goes in search of someone in a nearby forest,  while Rick and Morgan suddenly fall in a unfriendly company of strangers.

Saviors threat in the 15th episode is becoming more and more serious and is getting closer, Aaron continues to look for allies on Hilltop, and Daryl and Rosita are taking new measures because of old events, and they unexpectedly face an old friend.

In the final 16 episode 8 of the Walking Dead season, all tribes will join forces in the final confrontation with the Saviors Nigana. And this time a total war of extermination is unfolding.

Lot of Action in TWD 8th Season

Conflict with “Saviors” reaches a peak at the end of the 8th season of The Walking Dead. Recall the episodes The Walking Dead have extended for season 8 for another year, and called the time of the premiere.